Wednesday 1 January 2014

Can't Deny Mr Kim Kardashian

The Best Song of 2013 & The Worst
Which is which?........

And then there was the best thing on YOUTUBE this year. Cherry Moon On Valium was hipped to me earlier this year by a blog I've forgotten the name of now. Then FACT & Reynolds ran with it despite it being like 2 years old! I love the sound and vision. It's really hard not to watch the whole thing, I can't look away. So the soundtrack is a bunch of 90s Belgian hardcore and Gabba tunes but they are slowed right down. I think they got a bunch of original people from the Gabber community to do the old school moves, of course slowed right down to suit their age. Or were they dancing to the original speeds and the video's been slowed? The mum & dad dancers seem to have brought up their child with a healthy respect for gabber. This is a version of retro I can dig.

It's fucking gold innit?

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