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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Jungle Mix

Pearsall from sonicrampage never lets you down with his jungle mixes. This one's called Rolled In The Jungle (Summer Ready Jungle Mix) All Killer No Filler. Just in time for a beautiful & unseasonably warm day in the North-West of Victoria down here in the Antipodes. Loving it...ooh that segue from DJ Krust's Poison to Origin Unknown's Mission Control, nice. Many a mid 90s legend here ie. Goldie, Foul Play, Babylon Timewarp, Tom & Jerry, Dillinja, Run Tings, Roni Size etc. Pearsall presents an Amen-free zone full of rugged soul, ambient drum'n'bass and tough breaks. He's mixing it up with some big tunes and a sprinkling of lesser known trax, all choice cuts. As the brief states Rolled In Sunshine is pretty much all rollers in that exquisite transitional zone before jungle splintered and either got too smooth, too harsh or too boring.

Big ups to Pearsall!

A sweet spot for me is when the jungle gets dubby and Poison certainly does that with a choice bit of sampled(?) reggae.  

The unmistakable sounds of Origin Unknown. Mission Control is pretty minimal and dubby too. A sumptuous trip into a long dark tunnel, know what I mean? 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Energy Flash

Origin Unknown
Valley Of The Shadows
Didn't know this track until 5 minutes ago. Started reading Simon Reynolds Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music & Dance Culture (2012 Edition) today and I'm up to about page 188 at this very moment where the above track is mentioned. If I'd read it back in 98 I wouldn't have been able to just go on youtube to check out the tracks I didn't know. I am in the future. Funny I've read all his books but I've somehow managed to avoid this one for 14 years, better late than never and quite timely too as I'm in some kind of electronic 90s timewarp. After chapter 6 I have a new lease of love for old faves like Autechre, Black Dog, Aphex Twin et al. But there are gaps baby (ie. pg.188) and youtube is a brilliant resource. Somewhere in the book he mentioned Lime Lizard magazine which I had totally forgotten about. It was a magazine as opposed to a paper and was a pretty good alternative to the NME around 91/92. I think it came out bi-monthly. Anyway it had some top writers and was the first place I read about Thomas Koner, Disco Inferno, Ice, Ultramarine and others.

Hello Darkness
I recall this or did that sample get recycled a fair bit?