Thursday 16 May 2024

The Future - Nuclear Holocaust

The Future - Nuclear Holocaust (Vocal) [1984]
Oblivion was just a push of a button away back in the day when the cold war was raging with it's arms race and star wars programme, We understood the very real threat that we were going to be blown to bits by a nuclear bomb at any minute. Paranoid dread was real and normal to us kids at the time. 

We didn't get our Nuclear Holocaust or jet packs. It seems jet packs aren't on the horizon anymore but the future does offer us the renewed promise of the possibility of thermonuclear annihilation. Isn't it nice that our childhood dreams are being kept alive by our overlords.

The Future is an alias for Michael Johnson Jr of legendary electro-funk combo The Jonzun Crew.

The Future - Unclear Holocaust (Re-mix Version) [1984]
You may prefer the instrumental dub mix b side for your breakdancing til armageddon. 


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