Monday 29 January 2024

Ariel Pink - Life Before Today

I've finally singled out this track from the substack digital album dump Anonymous Productions from last year. This is fucking great vintage AP. It's got all the new wave, 70s radio rock, neo-psych-glam, post-punk indie vibes he's famous for. Except now he's infamous for playing a part in the worst day in American political history by instigating a coup at the capitol with Ray Epps... oh wait he was just photographed in a DC hotel room on insurrection day... still I mean he's a deplorable so why isn't he locked up? I mean we need to consider our safety. 

Anyway is that the ghost of Mark E Smith on backing vocals with Mercury Rev's Grasshopper wailing away on his cosmic guitar? 

*Actually a quick Brave search reveals AP to have contributed to a few tunes on Sean Ryder's most recent solo record Visits From Future Technology from 2021. Ariel co-wrote three of the tracks and did guitar, bass, keyboards, background vocals and beatboxing. As far as I can tell these collaborations were recorded ten years prior to the release of this LP.

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