Thursday 4 May 2023

Herbie Hancock Jamz

Doin' It - Herbie Hancock (1976)
Once you get past the fact that these tracks ain't gonna be no 60s jazz or 70s jazz-funk-fusion you can free your mind to enjoy this handful of sweet delights that Hancock recorded amongst some absolute dross in the second half of the 70s and early 80s.

On Doin' It look out as this is one hell of an insidious groove. At the start you may think "Oh this is just ok" but by the end you will be in a funky trance that you won't want to end. As far as intergalactic disco-funk jamz go it doesn't get better. Infectious.

I Thought It Was You - Herbie Hancock (1978)
Vocoderized vocals over mellow grooves progress to driving funk then into a robotic vocal workout on this futuristic toe tapper. It was either Kraftwerk or Herbie who were the first to use Sennheiser VSM 201 treated vocals on recordings in 1978 but Man Machine was released before Sunlight, I think.

Stars In Your Eyes - Herbie Hancock (1980) 
Oh boy the magic happens on this one. For a start the glorious groove is laid down by legends Freddie Washington and Alphonse Mouzon amongst a bed of exquisite Hancock keys. The strings are just splendid, then Ray Parker Jr's sublime guitar hook enters at 2:22 and you know greatness is upon you. Not to mention the wonderful vocal from Gavin Christopher. Impeccable from all angles. Undeniable stone cold R&B classic. 11 minutes just isn't quite enough.

Satisfied With Love - Herbie Hancock (1981)
Another top slow jam with Gavin Christopher on vocals. Washington & Mouzon lay down the groove once again, I mean that is some funky shit emanating from the fingertips of Freddie Washington innit. Deluxe. 


  1. "Bubbles" is one of my favorites of this era. I enjoy "sold out" Herbie more than non-sold-out Herbie I think. He had a facility for the commercial and the gimmicky - "Rockit", other tracks on those two electro albums - and the results are generally great.

  2. His soundtrack for ‘Death Wish’, another winner.