Thursday 6 April 2023

Van Morrison - Summertime in England

One of the few musicians didn't put all his critical thinking skills aside to become a conformist shill for the globalists during the covid era. Then there were all the covidian turds: Neil Young, Joni, Rage Against The Machine, Louder magazine, Noam Chomsky, the majority of corporate news media... the list is endless. The masks were bullshit and the faux vaccine was almost fully useless too. I mean they literally had to change the definition of vaccine and everyone just went along with it. Nothing to see here. How's everyone going with the lies three years on? 


If you get to a point where you're at the end of your tether and the bad thoughts are spiralling in at 3AM, give this tune a shot. It might just save your life.

Sprawling...when he hilariously starts listing authors, how on earth do we let him get away with that? But we do, well some of us do. Then he can do what he pleases, so it's incantation time. The spell is cast upon you for fifteen fabulous minutes. I don't know if he's high on the Jesus juice or the cocaine or just high on life or all of the above and does it really fucking matter? No... it just is! Can you feel the light in your soul. Soak up the lord shining through in Summertime In England.

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