Saturday 28 January 2023

Burial - Shutta

It's like post-punk and dub-tech working in collusion to stop a zippy speed garage tune escaping by smothering it in darkness. 

Sometimes I wonder why would we choose to listen to this over an actual speed garage tune from say 1998. 

Is gloomifying a genre anything to be proud of? Is this just kinda pin pricking the hardcore/rave elation balloon and giving back in to 80s miserableism?

Is this the only way for miserable rockist/indie/goth types to enjoy 2 step garage? ie. with all the fun taken out, dysphoric speed garridge if you will.

On the other side of the coin it's in the great British tradition of post-punk dub, sound system culture, Wild Bunch/Massive Attack/Tricky milieu and the darkside of the hardcore continuum innit?

Cracking tune right. One of his best. 

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