Tuesday 20 September 2022


Redy to Atak
Pretty mental jungle and so tinkered with in a dub tradition but it somehow becomes mellifluous. This paradox was not lost on listeners at the time. This is a 4HERO alias from one of their two 12"ers of 1994. 

The Sound Bizniz
Is this even jungle? Whatever it is, it's a journey into unorthodox beat science. Mac & Dego were known for pioneering a lot more than jungle. The secret to 4HERO's art was the broad palette of musical knowledge which they drew upon to come up with such boundary busting tunes. 

Drug Store Rude Boy
This is far out. 
Jungle from the other side. 

Lovely ambient jungle until (as pointed out in the comments) the 3:24 mark when it's interrupted out of nowhere by something unnatural. Tainted euphoria. 

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  1. LOVE this stuff - rediscovered it in the last year or so. "Drug Store Rude Boy" is incredible - I also particularly like "For da Ladies". The artist name / alter-ego Cold Mission is a classic. Could almost be an Acardipane alias or title of an EP on PCP or DE2001