Friday 5 August 2022

Underground Lovers - Promenade

One of the great 90s live bands from Melbourne. They also did some terrific records. I guess they were indebted to space-rock, post-punk, synth pop, krautrock, neo-psych, indie-dance, shoegaze and everything else good in between. 1992's Promenade is just hits & memories for me and sure I used to sometimes have a beer at me local with the drummer on this record 30 years ago. Still I reckon it must be good. It stands up like say Ripe, their contemporaries don't. At 2.52 when it takes off into blissed out noise overload and the synth strings swell with the concrete into the sky...

Underground Lovers were signed to short lived 4AD sub label Guernica. The only other bands I can think of that were maybe on that label were Insides & Unrest. Am I right? The Undies killed it on the big stages like The Palace with epic performances but were also great on the small stages where they could pack a punch like The Punters or The Empress. The sound of my youthful soul wasting away. Who knew it would all turn into a dystopian nightmare 30 years on...

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  1. Agree. I was surprised by how powerful they sounded live. Even when singing about being a showgirl.