Monday 14 March 2022

4HERO - Part II: Tom & Gerry

Tom & Gerry - Luv & Run (1994)
Tuuune! Possibly the best of Tom & Gerry's tunes albeit an atypical one. Some edgy high-hat action right from the get go. Wait for the mental almost didgeridoo-like bass drop and choice haywire rimshots at 0.47. Followed by ambient stabs then chipmunk divas. I think there's even a tambourine or some kind of bell amongst the rhythms. Delightful dubwise jungle.

For those who don't know Tom & Jerry is an alias of 4HERO the hardcore jungle duo comprising Marc Mac & Dego. This moniker was their outlet for more dancefloor friendly tunes for the jungle massive. The music was quickly made and was more on the mellow & soul tip but still within the hardcore/darkside/jungle genres. These ain't no throwaway trax though, they're terrific.  

Tom & Gerry - Airfreshner (1994)
This kicks off with mellow keys then the pitch-shifted vocal sample "There is darkness, There is light" followed by a snatch of reggae vocals from Kentrus's It A Fi Bun (1994). We get all the luscious vibes and space for miles. Noice.

Tom & Jerry - Still Lets Me Down (1994) 
The opening here sounds like something from an ambient or soundtrack record from Japan in the 80s. Then a synth drone piles on the tension while the beat kicks in quickly followed by a stretched soul vocal sample. A squiggly oriental flute pops up now and then amongst the general Eastern vibes . The drummage is sweet and it all rolls along in a splendacious manner. 

Tom & Jerry - Escape (1993)
Smudges of ominous hoover soundz from Here Come The Drums (1992) by Nasty Habits, haunting snatches of dialogue from Apocalypse Now and wicked clanky riddims combine to create an underrated darkside classic. 

Tom & Jerry - Thriller (1994)
Bleeps, acid squelches, clattering choppage, sci-fi synths, a diva sample, mechanical screeches and ambient tones come together on this tune that is darkside gold.

Tom & Jerry - Follow Da Massive (1994)
Follow Da Massive is all about the beat science. We get supreme drum choppage out of the gate, a tasty reggae vocal from Cutty Ranks, warped deep dub bass, backwards drummage, melodic percussion and rhythmic psychedelia all put through a dub echo chamber. Tune is Massive! 

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