Saturday, 25 September 2021



Despite the poster & title (Well the Italian title makes perfect sense, properly translating as Those Who Sing) this is a primo OTT Italian Mob war between two families.

Even though Jane Fonda gets top billing this Dmytryk film really belongs to the love story between Capucine and Laurence Harvey's characters that's set in a New Orleans Brothel.

This crazy 1989 Japanese flick is like David Lynch on crystal Meth!

Girl clowns come under the spell of rapey & torturous Vampires in this 70s Jean Rollin movie.

A demented fangirl of an 80s electro pop band in Germany goes mental in this transgressive horror film.

Academy award winning Jules Dassin directs cop noir shot on location in NYC about the investigation of a models murder and then some. 

A very entertaining Jail break picture with Burt Lancaster as the the main protagonist that goes gloriously bananas! 

Mixed up teen girls including a young Dianne Lane accidentally become famous in punk band but then realise they sold out. 

Cops, gangsters & murder in this top Fritz Lang noir starring two icons of the genre Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame.

One of the most most fun delirious giallo flicks with Edwidge Fenech and George Hilton.

An International bunch of young female uni student get slain in a small picture-esque town Italy.

Murder, prostitutes, cops, madames, murder in balmy entertaining Giallo with Bogey look-a-likey.

More insane giallo shenanigans with a female ex-con in a strange mansion. 

Lazy legs (Joan Bennett) lead hapless old dude (Edward G Robinson) to wrack and ruin with her seductive charms in Lang's absolute classic noir.

Dreamy noir favourite where the woman in the window (Joan Bennett) comes to life and Professor Wanley's (Edward G Robinson) dreams come true until thing go murderously awry in this Fritz Lang classic.

Dick Powell gets out of prison ends up in a trailer park and starts looking for his share of the loot but he gets set up, shot at and fucked over several times in quite possibly my favourite American crime/noir flick!

Robert Siodmak directs this richly detailed and beautifully crafted depiction of Italian-American life in the 40s which contains mirroring, mania, matriarchs, madonnas, malevolence and murder.

Glossy but very disturbing 1976 rape revenge drama with two Hemingways.

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