Thursday 24 December 2020

Holy Jungle Mess (Original Thunderdome X​-​mas Edition 1994 Mix) - Marc Acardipane

Merry Phuture Christmas! Gloomcore-Jungle Christmas trak! Wicked! Still the future. Still the best.   


  1. Replies
    1. Bit of good ole Yuletide fun innit?

      Made my gloomy(CORE) Day!

      It's a free download on his bandcamp today.

      Best wishes for the holidays to you & your family Simon.

  2. and further to your Marc Acardipane post further down, have you heard this? - it's like something on Dance Ecstasy 2001 but with today's digi-ultraproduction. the next track on the album is a slowed down version of it -

  3. RE:Bergonist

    Sonically pretty cool but I coulda done without the art rock/post-punk vocal posturing. Sort of like a Not Not Fun style of doom/gloomcore. Perhaps Amanda Brown has reached this retro point by now too.

    A bit like the stench of wrongness that hipster Black Metal had/s, do we need hipster gloomcore tunes 25 + years after the fact?

    Why have such genres attracted elite trendy retro-dilettantes?

    1. I mean hipsters during the heyday of gabber & black metal would not have gone near such genres because they weren't cool. Their snobby attitudes reviled such so called "low brow" forms of pop culture at the time.

      Why do these type of people need to have a 20+ year retro time lag when it comes to this stuff?

      I can't tell what's worse, having the prefix nu or hipster attached to the name of a genre to signify its revival?

  4. yeah the bird wittering on in the background is a bit incongruous