Thursday 19 December 2019

Moon Wiring Club - Cavity Slabs

It's Christmas time. So there's this LP which arrived in the mail this week. MWC emerge further from their dank torpor of the last couple of years (The great Tantalising Mews, Soft Confusion, Leporine Pleasure Gardens LP etc.) into almost HD focus. Their soggy ambient stupor has been replaced with almost spritely tunes. That's totally overstating things but you get the picture. This is one of their more beat driven records. Cavity Slabs is still spooky squishy electronic psychedelia that's put through the hallucinatory Moon Wiring Club echo-chamber. There's a hint of 90s nuum-y-liciousness here along with the usual mysterious, eerie and wyrd vibes. It's another Moon Wiring Club gold record innit?! The artwork is splendid as per usual.

Front cover

Back cover even better though. Roundy!

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