Monday 19 November 2018

Young Thug - Scoliosis

& Basic Channel/Chain Reaction Vibes

Hey, It's been ages since I posted about new music but here's something recent-ish. Well actually it sounds like Young Thug doin his thang over a Basic Channel/Chain Reaction track, doncha think? Sometimes I really want an instrumental or dub LP of many modern hip-hop records like Thugger, Future, Vince Staples, Lil B, Travis Scott et al. Scoliosis is not the first time that hints of 90s German dub-tech have appeared in rap though. The below track from 5 years ago had me thinking along similar lines and there have probably been a bunch more. Any suggestions out there?

This tune still astounds me. It also astounds me Boosie isn't as big as Kanye as previously mentioned (yawn).

Last year there was this terrific DJ Python album, not hip-hop but some kind of synthy-new-age-drift/deep-dub-tech-house hybrid thing that was probably a genre named something else entirely. Hey I was in the 90s so you can't fool me. Anyway there are several moments that recall or are probably homages to the great sounds from Basic Channel/Chain Reaction/Rhythm & Sound and their milieu. Amongst the cosmic tropical bliss Dulce CompaƱia also contains hints of 90s-esque ambient house/tech and even some shimmering post-rock of the Seefeel variety while still feeling contemporary. It's hard not to be seduced by such a lovely record. 

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