Saturday 2 September 2017

Sven Grünberg - Hingus

Been on a cosmic synth bender listening to a bunch of stuff Ive never checked out before despite these acts being on the peripheries of my cosmic radar like Clearlight, Automat, Dominique Guiot and Czeslaw Niemen (Thanks Hardly Baked). In the midst of this retro-futuristic space rabbit hole I came across Hingus, a 1981 LP from Estonia. I'd never heard of it before but this is a little classic of the aforementioned genre. It's great to know there's still a few things out there left to surprise and delight us all. Check out this epic space jam from Sven Grunberg.

This is the final track of the album which had me in intergalactic astonishment. Wow man.


  1. He also did this great Bowie-esque song -

    that was off the soundtrack for Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell - which he also did the theme for (and possibly the whole soundtrack, I'm not sure).

    that's also a bit Bowie-esque

    the movie

    then later on into the 80s/90s his stuff gets quite new age / ambient as with this Prana Symphony

  2. Have you watched the movie?

    I don't think I've come across Estonian cinema before.

  3. I've never had the spare time. But Estonians I know seem to rate it.

  4. I see it's rated 7th best Estonian film of all time by Estonian critics.

  5. one of the greatest films ever was actually filmed in Estonia - but by a Russian - Stalker

  6. I used to love Tarkovsky

    Dunno if I'd have the patience now.

    He invented slowcore