Tuesday 28 June 2016

Broken Hearts - Part 1

It's funny how songs like this appeal to you as a child. I guess it was like a portal into what adulthood intensity was going to be like. Little did we know how painful such things were going to be and that we never really wanted to go through a scenario such as the one outlined in this song. Great songwriting but if you look a little closer this is actually quite a disturbing tune. In there somewhere seems to be a suicide threat.

I loved this when I would have been 10. Quite possibly the greatest heartbreaking tune of them all. It's all too much! That voice too.


  1. my equiv probably Hollies 'The Air That I Breathe'.

    think also the popularity of 'Seasons in the Sun' must have been to little kids as intimation of the hugeness of adult emotions

    don't be too much of hurry to grow up, little ones...

  2. My equivalent -Homburg by Procul Harem. Heartbreaking but in such a glamorous way. I couldn't wait to be a grown up and leave only ash filled ashtrays behind me.