Sunday 1 December 2013

INXS Were An Experimental Band

Weren't they?

I loved it when INXS got weird and experimental. The B-Sides in the 80s were always something to look forward to.  I reckon they were into Eno, dub, disco & maybe Cabaret Voltaire and The Residents. This is the other side of INXS, what could have been.....


  1. I know this post is over 6 years old, but having just read an interview with Chris Murphy, their manager, your article is weirdly prophetic, even down to your comment about "The Other Side of INXS". I wonder if Chris got the idea from your blog? Read it here.

    1. Oh right yeah.

      He stole the title from that short paragraph.

      Should I sue or work out some kind of deal, ya reckon?