Wednesday 16 October 2013

Arcon 2 - Liquid Earth

Loving this track. The opening 1 minute 15 seconds is Burial ten years early. The weird thing is I was listening to Burial's Untrue on my phone while I was surfing the net (that's a quaint term now innit?) and the album finished. 7 or 8 minutes later this tune came on. I thought 'er..this must be a secret track that I've never noticed before.' But I went to now playing and it said nothing was playing. I thought 'Gee that Burial is freakin me out with his ghost trax that aren't even playing.' Anyway by the time the drum and bass breaks arrive I realise something's up. So I scroll through what I was looking at on the interweb and it turns out I'd accidentally hit play to start this mix over at blog to the oldskool.  Coincidence or not?

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