Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Conrad Schnitzler, electronic guru, picks
 up no genius on Australia telly!
In the Australian Big Brother on the telly at the moment they keep calling a bloke in the house the genius of the house. So this guy got a high mark in an IQ test once but don't you actually have to have done something to warrant being a genius ie. not just sittin' around a house in your undies getting on the nation's tits. I should really look into what the real definition of genius is and if you're not one yourself can you tell who is one? Is anyone in pop culture a genius? Who decides? Can I say Arthur Lee is a genius? Francis Ford Coppola? What about Sean Penn? Miles Davis anyone?  Vince Gilligan? Conrad Schnitzler? Ed Kuepper? These people to me have extraordinary intellectual and imaginative faculties pertaining particularly to being creative and inventive. The guys who invent stuff in technology seem more seriously genius, you know like Steve Jobs? Mark Zuckerberg? The guy from London who invented the Internet?  Mike Goldman? (er.. a little BB humour there) But why should they be?  Should there be a board to decide who is and who isn't a genius. It all sounds a bit subjective to me. Should we do away with the concept of it all together? I mean if someone sittin' in a house for 3 months on national tv gets to be a genius don't I get to be one? After all I did write this blog post.

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