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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Jungle Mix

Pearsall from sonicrampage never lets you down with his jungle mixes. This one's called Rolled In The Jungle (Summer Ready Jungle Mix) All Killer No Filler. Just in time for a beautiful & unseasonably warm day in the North-West of Victoria down here in the Antipodes. Loving it...ooh that segue from DJ Krust's Poison to Origin Unknown's Mission Control, nice. Many a mid 90s legend here ie. Goldie, Foul Play, Babylon Timewarp, Tom & Jerry, Dillinja, Run Tings, Roni Size etc. Pearsall presents an Amen-free zone full of rugged soul, ambient drum'n'bass and tough breaks. He's mixing it up with some big tunes and a sprinkling of lesser known trax, all choice cuts. As the brief states Rolled In Sunshine is pretty much all rollers in that exquisite transitional zone before jungle splintered and either got too smooth, too harsh or too boring.

Big ups to Pearsall!

A sweet spot for me is when the jungle gets dubby and Poison certainly does that with a choice bit of sampled(?) reggae.  

The unmistakable sounds of Origin Unknown. Mission Control is pretty minimal and dubby too. A sumptuous trip into a long dark tunnel, know what I mean? 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

On The Hi-Fi Part 40

When I can get Luca Brasi 2 by Kevin Gates off the stereo I listen to some other stuff. This one is a snappy little 37 minute mix from Pearsall over at Sonicrampage. These are drum'n'bass tunes from 95 & 96. There's even one from 99 which is way past my usual cut off point of rarely venturing into or past 96/97. Anyway this is a little rollin' bewdy featuring just 4 different artists - Roni Size, DJ Krust, Bill Riley & DJ Die. The later 2 I'm not particularly sure I'm aware of. Most of these tunes are new to me. I love the little covers Pearsall makes and this one's no exception. Get 90s man.

Geez Mr Nick Edwards is one prolific musician. I think I may have missed a couple of Ekoplekz releases since Influkz. Entropic is just two long trax. Entropy Flash (neat title huh?) which runs at 13 minutes and Entropy Symphony that's around 16 minutes. This EP is more along the lines of his last mini album Influkz ie. it's a more subdued and subtle affair compared to his last two LPs. Then again that's a little deceptive because if you have it at low volume it seems quite nice but with the volume cranked it becomes quite intense and a little sinister. This is music from post-apocalyptic zones or is it outer space? Or perhaps its the landscape/headspace of Ekoplekz right now? Entropy Flash is repetitive almost funky technoid gear that occasionally has flourishes of melody amongst the darker drones and its damn fine as usual. How does he keep up the quality with so much quantity? Entropy Symphony is the swirliest swirly tune ever. It swirls and swirls until it swirls off into a vortex of epic oblivion. This has got to be one of the best Ekoplekz tracks ever. Me like a very lot.

I cannot recall how I came across this mix by Slimzee at Soundcloud All it says in my i-tunes is Truancy Vol. 111: Slimezee. Anyway its more jungle, this time more your 94/95 variety before it became drum'n'bass. Many a classic on here such as Hitman, Babylon and a very well worn copy of The Dark Stranger, why wouldn't it be? It's such a gem. An hour of jungle gold. This is some awesome DJing right here. Not loving that faux faded bollocks look of the virtual cover though. This guy was in Pay As You Go Cartel and pretty much invented Grime, I think. There you go, you learn something every day.

More good stuff from Pearsall. Not The Future We Were Promised... is more of your prime 94/95 jungle. He crams them in here. Thirty Five tunes in just over an hour and a half. It's one hell of a ride. Some classics and some lesser known classics whizz by so hold onto your hats. I guess at this stage you're either into it or you're not. This wouldn't be a bad introduction to jungle though. It would be hard not to be seduced by the 'rhythmic psychedelia' on display here as its soo darn great. This is when it was pretty much just jungle like the above Slimzee mix, post hardcore/darkside and pre drum'n'bass/tech-step/garridge. Huh, the future, it kinda went sideways then nowhere.

Last but not least is 10 Wanted Men's Wanted: Dead Or Alive which is Memphis Rap 1995 stylee. This features Memphis legends Tommy Wright III, Womack Da Omen and Princess Loco. Women in 90s Memphis rap are so fucking cool. They just really suit the vibe of this creepin shyt. Still getting my head around this one but fuck it sounds good so far. This is the real rap underground on absurdly lo-fi tapes. This ain't no backpacker shit! (RE: This article at FACT) Whatever the fuck that is? I have a feeling it means shite rap ie. rap that couldn't make the charts because it was shite so they tried to then pretend they were like indie or something, but in reality they were just a laughing stock. Obviously some people got sucked into their shtick though.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The 90s Again....

I am back in the 90s again (and a little 00s) and wonder if I'll get back to now at any point before the end of time. I don't know how I ended up here again perhaps it was those recent Demdike Stare 12"ers or the return of Manix, Woob, Ultramarine etc...I must admit over the last 4 or 5 years Woob's 1194 has been getting a spin quite regularly since I rediscovered it. Air Liquide however have been unlistened to for a very long time.  Air Liquide's Neue Frankfurter Electronik Schule an acid classic from 1992 has been gettin a spin recently and I'm diggin on it.  It's an underrated experimental sci-fi ambient techno trip, get on board.  I've discovered some DJ mixes/mixtapes this year of early 90s gear which are primo. Black Dog's FACT mix from earlier this year is a beauty for Bleep heads.  I found another early 90s gem over at blog to the oldkool DJ Milf's 92/93 mix which is on the hardcore tip and is gonna be hard to top as it's incredible stuff.  blog to the oldskool is absolutely killin it this year. Who'd have thought they'd be goin stronger than ever after 5 years on the blogosphere?  Over at Sonicrampage there's Orange Dawn a fabulous mix from Pearsall of choice tech-step that includes the likes of Ed Rush, Dom & Roland, Nasty Habits, Trace & Nico etc.  Another crackin Pearsall mix from this year but featuring mid 90s soundz is Actual Pirate Material this time containing jump up jungle and drum n bass. There's plenty more where that came from at Sonicrampage.

I pulled out Rhythm & Sound's self-titled LP from 2001 a few weeks ago and ever since I've been on a Chain Reaction, Basic Channel trip.  This led me to an excellent article on the Basic Channel milieu over at Your Heart Out. The lines between label and artist were blurred with Basic Channel. Basic Channel was a record label and a group. Rhythm & Sound were the same dudes who were Basic Channel etc.   In the mid 90s this was all a bit unknown and confusing as the duo of Moritz Von Oswald and the other guy refused media attention for many years. Originally they gave no interviews and refused to be photographed.  I was always big on Basic Channel, Porter Ricks, Monolake etc. but never really rated Elevations by Vainqueur until now (I thought it was ok). Elevations is a mind melting hypnotic technoid dub goes to the disco jam of the highest order. It was released on Chain Reaction which was a Basic Channel offshoot label of which they had about eight. Been diggin Hallucinator's Landlocked and Rhythm & Sound's two instrumental cds as well.  Then there's Pole whose first 3 albums of crackling electronic dub I never tire of. The dude from Pole I think used to master the Basic Channel releases. Listening to Pole has led me back to London's Burial whose first 2 records, Burial and Untrue I always liked but thought they were a little overrated. A reappraisal is perhaps in order as now I'm startin to think maybe they were rated that highly for a reason. Burial also used the basic Channel blueprint of no photos/interviews for a while as well as being indebted to them sonically.  I'm not sure what's become of Burial since Untrue which was released in 2007.