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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Speed Garridge to Deep Tech (?)

Came across this tune last night, fuck it's good. This is a UK Garage tune from 1997 but it's the dub version. After listening to a lot of current 'Deep-Tech' music from labels Audio-Rehab, Definition Audio, House Ent., Mokujin etc., Things Are Never (dub) by Operator & Baffled kinda seems appropriate. I hear a lot of Garridge in the music from the artists on those aforementioned labels. Obviously house is a big influence on 'Deep-Tech' but it's all definitely coming from the UK with the bass and rhythm. Even the house inspiration in this 'Deep-Tech' genre (not lovin that name) seems to be predominately of the late 80s British Acid House variety though, doesn't it? But perhaps it's Bleep with it's lavishly clean production sounds, along with it's bass weight and depth, that informs this music most. Then there's, you know, bits of the the other stuff that Speed Garage stemmed from Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, NY Garage, R&B, Reggae and of course good ole Disco. Deep-Tech's even got a bit of old school Electro and Techstep in there at times, I reckon. It's good stuff. Probably the best thing since UK Garage really. Is it something new? (Is the Hardcore Continuum back on track?) Even if it's not, Deep-Tech has somehow captured my mind and body like Grime and Dubstep never did. This stuff for some reason* seems so much better than that of the acts producing genuine fakes of jungle, drum & bass, grime etc. I love this track Insomnia from Camo Crooks (below). They also had the outstanding tune Maestro on The Various Audio Volume 1 compilation on the Definition Audio label.

Bloody hell make up your minds already! Some are calling it deep house, others tech house, minimal, even jackin electro or just plain old house but it's 'Deep-Tech' that's really stuck. These genre names have been around the block several times already though and sometimes in a derogatory way. I mean I used to want throw up at the mention of deep house. The music of Theo Nasa, Nightshift, Hugo Massien, RS4, Camo Crooks, Ghost House Banton, DJ SKT et al. deserves better than that. Come on all you micro genre geeks here's your chance to give this stuff a new and better name! At the same time making a name for yourself. Will that then signal the genre's demise though? You get the feeling that something is going to happen very soon like a break off genre from Deep-Tech before a rebranding even happens. For more music from this London scene (I believe it's spreading. I mean "hi I'm in Australia") check out these two highly recommended (by me at least) compilations that were in my Best of 2014 list.

The Audio Rehab compilation has tracks from Hugo Massien, Nightshift, RS4, Mark Radford, Shay & Sinista, Carnao Beats, DJ SKT and so on.

*I wanted to post my fave Hugo Massien tune Mitte but it's not on the youtubes. These Deep-Tech guys seem really protective of their music. A lot of it can only be found in annoying snippet form online. I mean I payed for both of those compilations but maybe they want their scene slightly insular and only for the truly dedicated ie. patrons willing to pay for the music (those who care). The dilettantes and dabblers can fuck off which is kinda cool I suppose.