Saturday, 22 August 2020

Laying The Ghosts To Rest - Nick Edwards


Laying Ghosts To Rest is the 3rd excellent album in as many months from Nick Edwards. We all thought he was winding up his career them bam three irresistible albums in a row. This one is the best too. In fact this might just be the finest recording Nick has ever done. The music here is less attached to the beat than the previous two albums and meanders off into all sorts of dark, cosmic, psychedelic and even somewhat familiar places. It just feels loose like never before. Right now he's at a creative peak where it seems he could go anywhere sonically and it would not be a mistake. Perhaps the title is a hint as where his brain-space is. Maybe he's letting go of his own artistic and aesthetic prejudices, constraints and shackles. Perhaps he can see a new previously unimagined vision unfolding for his creativity. Laying Ghosts To Rest does feel very intuitive and that new horizons are just awaiting his arrival. This music is brimming with the positive confidence of whatever's coming next is going to be worth waiting for. I can't get enough of it. 

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