Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Arrows - I Love Rock 'n' Roll

You can't go wrong with a Chinnichap tune produced by Mickie Most in 1974 can you? This reached No 8 in the UK hit parade.

Mickie Most produces this Chinnichap composition which is a glam meets Bo Diddley blues ditty. It only made it to #51 in the UK.

Although Arrows were an English group they had two American Members Alan Merrill on vocals and bass plus Jake Hooker on guitar. The drummer Paul Varley was British. I love Rock 'n' Roll was a Merrill/Hooker composition. It became an all time classic hard rock/glam anthem when Joan Jett recorded a brilliant version of it in 1982 that went on to become one of the biggest hit singles of the 80s. The story goes that Jett saw Arrows perform the song on their own TV show while she was on tour in the UK in the 70s. This version sadly was not a hit anywhere. Yes according to the interweb Arrows had a show on the telly (?!). Anyway co-writing I Love Rock 'n' Roll makes you a rock legend. So onya Alan Merrill!

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