Friday, 27 March 2020

Marc Acardipane Feat. Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder (Perc Remix) 2020

Just in time for the Corona Virus. 2017 may not have delivered Apocalypse-wise but 2020's giving it a good crack! First Australia was on fire before the year even began and it lasted for months. Meanwhile the US assassinated some Iranian bloke Qasem. Next Iran retaliated causing 110 Americans brain injuries but no deaths. Strangely World War 3 didn't eventuate. Then a virus COVID 19 spread like wildfire in China but they withheld this information from the world for a while and by the time the cat was out of the bag it was too fucking late. The virus is in every corner of the globe now and could potentially kill over a billion people! Isn't that great news? So why not get off yer fuckin head and get into the delightful hardcore gloom & doom sounds of legend Marc Acardipane before your body shuts down and dies, all in self-isolation of course. Maybe this is your last chance to gleefully spit in the face of the abyss that awaits us all. By the way this is an incredible remix. Jolly good tune.

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