Friday, 16 March 2018

No Rest For The Wicked

1976. Here's an LP that is amazing. Power trio shit up there with Blue Cheer, ZZ Top, Rush and whoever. This group is sometimes so in the pocket I can't believe it. I'll analyse it later but for now just enjoy. Sometimes it even reminds me of Television, perhaps it's just the guitars they use I dunno. Rock on!


  1. Thanks bro. I'll get onto this in about halfa.

  2. I think Elvis just got reincarnated into Led Zeppelin while using old school Metallica guitar while Black Sabbath ate listening to modern stoner rock..
    That's one and a bit songs in thoughts anyway.

    1. Elvis has left the building, but in the pocket it is.

  3. Bozza wow man that's quite the comment. Did you drop acid or whatever it is the kids do today?

  4. That's some great stuff right there. Thanks man.