Friday, 30 March 2018

Unengaged in 2018 Semi-Rant....

It's always hard to listen to any new music in the first few months of the new year because all I can listen to is the usual Christmas offering from Moon Wiring Club. Tantalising Mews/Cateared Chocolatiers was a double cd and an LP, almost 3 hours of music. Then I end up going back through their entire back catalogue as well as as their sterling batch of DJ mixes. That's a hell of a lot of music, all of it terrific.

It's not like there are a bunch of new records lining up to be heard though. All I know is Migos and Judas Priest have new LPs. Readers please feel free to recommend an album to me that you think I may have overlooked. I'm not really holding my breath for any upcoming releases as far as I can recall.

The only thing I can think of that would excite me is if eMMplekz ever get around to recording something new. I actually can't believe eMMplekz aren't part of the semi-popular consciousness like The Fall were in the 80s. They should be highly anticipated heroes on the festival circuit. If the fucking Sleaford Mods can crack the top 20 with their bollocks, fuck, eMMplekz should be hitting the top 10 with Baron Mordant's lyrics that capture the crap going on in all our heads in this over stimulated digital age. He's an astute observer of the current absurdity in which we all live our lives. Are they most underrated music project ever? I guess people are so fucking people. I once wrote a piece on eMMplekz and how they are a conduit of our internal thoughts and external expressions in this current maddening age not to mention the exposed malignant electronics Mordant's vocals are paired with but I lost my notepad (I should come back to this topic at a later date).

The only other thing I'm keeping an eye on is the electronic avant pop ladies ie. Holly Herndon, Katie Gately, Laurel Halo etc.

Strangely enough I just did a google search after writing the previous sentence to see if anything was happening out there in the world of music that might interest me and well, yes, Ekoplekz have a new release Impressionz. This is an archival collection containing 10 unreleased tracks recorded in 2014 during the sessions for the classic Reflekzionz LP. I can't find any indication of a forthcoming eMMplekz album though. In fact something on bandcamp hinted that their 2016 LP Rook To TN34 may indeed be their 'swansong'.


  1. slim pickings out there and it's already April

    we are on an eerily similar page re likes / what we listen for

    the Beautify Junkyards thing on Ghost Box is very nice

    there's a new Let's Eat Grandma record soon (not got my head around it yet, seems to be trying to go more pop)

    the run of rap that has been sustaining seems like it might be sputtering now

    the lists of things "we are excited for" that magazines do for the year ahead don't exactly get my ears salivating

    still there's lots of old strange crap on YouTube

  2. The old strange crap on youtube is where my head is usually at. There are many lifetimes worth of stuff on there so we won't ever be short of stuff to listen to or watch.

    I used to get excited by the thought of a new mixtape by Future, Young Thug et al. Now I don't even know if I'll even get round to listening to them.

    Maybe I just need to change value concept of the new or futuristic?

  3. I mean I've gotten used to the fact that cinema is dead perhaps I just need to do this with music.