Saturday, 31 January 2015

Industrial By Alessandroni

Totally love the cover.

I think I have about 8 of Alessandoni's solo library records, some Spaghetti Western soundtracks and a horror OST. He was also behind Braen's Machine who have two albums Underground (1971), that one is a particularly great groovy fuzz rock monster of an LP, and Temi Retmici E Dinamici (1973) and of course he was a frequent collaborator with Ennio Morricone. He also used the alias just Braen on the occasional collaborative library LP like two of my all time favorite library albums Biologia Marina (1973) on the Rhombus imprint and Ittiologia (1973) on the Cardium label. So it turns out he's in my record collection way more than I ever thought. I think the record company Dead Cert are claiming that Industrial is unreleased stuff from Alessandro. He did have an LP on Coloursound called Light And Heavy Industry from 1982 and Ritmo Del Industria from 1969. This LP does appear to be from 1976 and no tracks as far as I can recall I've heard before but I have a feeling this material was circulated in 76, probably in a very small quantity as I think I've seen copies on the interweb. Anyway this was a happy little surprise waiting for me in the morning. It's good stuff too. Industrial is a soundworld where acoustic and electronic instruments collide to create a wonderfully unique record. From start to finish the edgy intensity never dips below maximum. This is not easy listening library music which Alessandro Alessandroni is quite capable of and exceptional at. It's the opposite ie. not for the faint of heart or listener not willing to be challenged. Intense swirling electronic pulses, mental pianos, dissonant scrapes, repetitive violins, distant clangs, bubbling synthesisers, wayward dark bass throbs, weird percussion and tense guitars all add to this dramatic and incredible LP. Avivcendamento sounds like 3 different tunes playing at once and it's fabulous. A bit of atonal noise here, a little bit of discordance there. Horror motifs raise their zombie heads as do minimalism's, all with a Euro/Italo vibe and then some of it is quite uncanny, unlike anything he'd ever done before. This is incredibly outre and innovative music. His guitar playing in particular is mesmerising, strange, suspenseful and idiosyncratic. It's beautifully recorded and produced. Only a few listens in but its gotta be one of the best archival releases of the year already.

This is from his terrific Light & Heavy Industry LP from 82 and sounds not dissimilar to some of the tracks on Industrial By Alessandroni (couldn't find any of them one the youtube).

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