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Thursday, 18 January 2018

'ardcore Smokey Joe

Gotta love hearing some early 90s rave-y hardcore that has never crossed my eardrums before. Thanks to Simon via Energy Flash for alerting me to this Red Bull article on ridiculously overpriced rave records. Some of these tunes I'd not heard until today.
I love me a bit of kitchen sink hardcore: Breaks, scratching, Italo piano riffs, more breaks, synth riffology, chipmunks, hoovers, cheesy 80s synth samples, pitch-shifted divas, squelches, references to rushes etc. Kiss My Neck has got the lot.

Then there's this, a stone cold 'ardcore classic! Boomzabang, which is less cluttered than Kiss My Neck, has got fabulous beat science, riffs built on rhythms, time-stretching and melodic beats then the hardcore hoovers move in at 3.40 and by 4.20 it's mentastic. Next the track delves into dark lulls with a sampled diva, closing out on a classic break that could go on forever. How I've not come across this before is astounding because this is superior 92 into 93 hardcore slipping into darkside.

Smokey Joe is bringing the joy to my fuckered back and this sweltering heatwave.

Friday, 16 January 2015

The Future Is Dark - Redlight

I was going to continue on with Steve Gurley's history and more Garridge (that'll have to wait) but I came across this. What a bewdy. Somehow this has passed me by for 18 years. I don't even recall it on any mixtapes/DJ sets or even mentioned anywhere ever. I guess it's a slight anomaly with it almost being a 93 Darkside throwback but that bass (which is soo good) puts it firmly in 1996, the era of Jump Up and Tech-Step. So this was just before Garridge took over and Drum'n'Bass dwindled away into inconsequence. Many of Drum'n'Bass's motifs however would continue to pop up in UK Garridge, Grime, Dubstep etc.

Who are Redlight?

Is there more pre Garrdge gold to be discovered? I really did think I'd excavated everything up to the point of the UK Garridge paradigm shift. But perhaps not.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Chainsaw - Rhythm Section

Was listening to this tune today on me computer and thought 'gee whizz that's a beauty'. This is from 93 and it's gold that rocks da house. It kind of predates Basement Jaxx don't you think? "Are Rhythm Section and The Rhythm Section one and the same?" I thought, and no they're not. The Rhythm Section were Belgian and had a tune I know called Can You Feel which I always thought was the British Rhythm Section who had sold out because it was like happy house. The Belgian group were doing more like nu beat/acid house in a happy stylee, whereas Rhythm Section were more yer UK 'ardcore because they were from the UK and did hardcore. You can check out these geezers below. Loving the guy with the cap, sunnies and mo combo. This tune's a bit darker and dirtier than their other tunes. Anyway The Chainsaw is a choice cut. It might have been their last tune, I dunno. I've seen a comp of theirs and it only goes up to 1992 so maybe they don't rate it.

"What are you lookin at? We're not Belgian you twat!"