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Monday, 26 January 2015

Australia Day Part 2

My Wife's Experience Part 2

Who'd have thought I'd like a Silverchair song but me and the Mrs both loved this. This is 12 years after their breakthrough Tomorrow from the 95 debut LP FrogStomp. It's an inspiring song from I think their 4th album 2007's Young Modern which was mainly psychedelic and I didn't really dig but the Mrs loved it. I love the MBV-esque outro on Straight Lines. Singer Daniel Johns has starpower and seems like a really top bloke who's had some health issues. So this tune is him fighting back against arthritis and anorexia.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Re: Grrr that book.....

Well here's a fuckn' surprise, not!

The unknown 3rd author of The 100 Best Australian Albums, someone O'Donnell turns out to be a record company exec who signed Silverchair, Something For Kate, Jebidiah, Missy Higgins and Empire Of The Sun.  So the other 2 authors didn't see a conflict of interest with this?! Fuck me if they didn't bury their heads in the sand, praying nobody would notice while their $$$ came in.  Those aforementioned 5 acts were all included in the list and quite high.

I thought maybe I was being a bit harsh saying 'the book didn't ring true'. How fuckn' wrong I was!

In my You Gotta Be Kiddn' Me Category I listed 12 examples of 'Pure Shite'.  Funnily enough this O'Donnell  signed at least 4 of the acts included in that category. It's like Eddie commentating on Collingwood games.  Not acceptable! It's worse than that. This O'fucknDonnell is just tryin' to boost his reputation by sayin' 'look at these acts I signed, they're in the top 100 of all time. 

This is a fuckn' OUTRAGE!

Bon Scott's ACDC records miss out, so this o'donnell's signings get a place in a joke 100 album list.