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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Deep-Tech Is This Where It's At?

Found this excellent article over at Blissblog about the Deep-Tech scene in London by Dominic Morris (at a publication I'm reluctant to publicise after some shameful journalism last year. I'll make this one exclusive exception due to how much I'm diggin the shit he's talking about). Mr Reynolds has some thoughts too and both have an excellent selection of tracks from the scene. I tried not to double up on those. Morris too senses something in the air. I mean I knew nothing of the tensions in the scene until now but I can sense something has to give. I was also thinking how blank a lot of this stuff is and how Eno will probably show up any minute now saying something about the scene. My wife said Dance Muzak that she could ignore at low volume but get into the groove if it was boomin out of the speakers. I love that dichotomy. But for me with the volume lower it's just as mesmerising (if you're listening). It's like these tunes don't need any extraneous bits. The tunes have just enough in them to excite the punter who's invested in the music and is willing to get deep. I don't go to clubs anymore, hey I moved to the desert, but all club music gets road tested on my bike (you know my legs are moving, a bit like dancing) and going to sleep in bed (which usually includes some kind of drug of the drowsy variety, hey they're drugs). Deep-Tech has passed both tests, whereas say Gabber only really passes the bike test (but I'm not taking amphetamines to kill pain or sleep). Deep-Tech can be really trippy and hypnotic music as well as truly bangin. That's the secret to this music, I reckon, that precipice. A bit like Ratchet's 'deceptively simple' trademark, it might seem basic but it's architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This precipice is probably way harder to achieve than you think.

One of the outstanding tunes from Audio Rehab Volume 1.

Here's another parallel that Deep Tech has with Ratchet and it seems loads of other musical styles - John Carpenter. You can hear it most definitely in the above track. Here's a thought/question/future essay 'John Carpenter: the most influential musician of the 21st century?' That's a whole other story but a tiny piece of the Deep-Tech puzzle.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Robin Crutchfield

Here's a great podcast from Minimal Wave featuring Robin Crutchield of DNA and Dark Day fame discussing his history and playing tracks of his and his influences with Veronica Vasicka from East Village Radio. So this is for all you No Wave/Post-punk/electro and acid folk...Fans. I can't find the track list but whatever.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Roxy Music

Any reason to mention Roxy Music is a good reason. Their debut LP is 40 years old. Here's a recent article over at The Guardian by Simon Reynolds. I don't think I can add anything really that I haven't already. I like that Eno supports what I said about that first record being insane. Phil Manzanera supports this view as well saying "The whole of that first album sounds so weird. It's such a mish-mash of stuff."

The Bob
from Roxy Music could I resist?!
Vic Reeves & Co doing Virginia Plain!

but they blew my mind
from For Your Pleasure

Later Greatness!
Same Old Scene